Our Next Live Event:

One Meter Up April 26, 8pm

One-Meter-Up-smrevisedOne Meter Up is a local band with members throughout Shelburne County who play your favorite blues and rock ‘n’ roll. Comprised of Anthony Gosbee, Danny Atwell, Andy Kelly and Matt Swim. Get ready for some good ol’ rock n’ roll!

Opening performance by Shelburne singer/songwriter Shelly MacIntosh.

Tickets $17 adult, $7 student.



Silent Auction

Boat Lift & Launch

Donated by Irving Shipyard

Thanks to the generosity of Irving Shipyard, the Osprey is holding a silent auction for the launch of a boat and the lift of a boat in Shelburne Harbour, suitable for sailors, fishermen and others.

The lift & launch (or launch & lift) is good through to June, 2015. The deadline for bids is May 10, 2014. We’ll take bids up until the intermission of our Mersey Swing Band Concert that evening when we’ll be announcing the winner.

If you would like to bid, send an email to the Osprey at ospreyartscentre@eastlink.ca. Or you can phone it in to 875-2359. Or make your bid in person at one of our upcoming events.

The current bid is  $425


How to Buy Tickets

1053_2815_ticketpro_logo (2)

The Osprey has moved to a new, improved ticketing system. Ticketpro is a ticketing system that makes it possible to buy tickets at the Osprey during our business hours, as well as on the night of events.

But there’s more. By joining Ticketpro, you have even more options for buying tickets. You will soon be able to buy tickets on line at our website. Right now, you can buy tickets at the Ticketpro website. AND you can buy tickets at all Ticketpro outlets in Atlantic Canada. One of those outlets is the TLC Pharmacy in Shelburne. A number of other pharmacies in Nova Scotia are also Ticketpro outlets. You can now buy tickets for Osprey events at Reynold’s Pharmacy in Liverpool, City Drug Store in Yarmouth, the Bridgewater Pharmasave and many more. See the Ticketpro website for all locations: http://ww3.ticketpro.ca/pos.php


Here’s a summary of HOW TO BUY TICKETS.

1. At the Osprey in person before events and during business hours (which are posted on our website and vary with the time of year.) Or call us at 902-875-2359.
2. At the TLC Pharmacy in Shelburne in person (and all other Ticketpro outlets, including certain other pharmacies.)
3. On line at both the Osprey’s website (soon to be activated) and the Ticketpro website. (www.ospreyartscentre.com and www.ticketpro.ca).
4. By calling Ticketpro’s toll free number - 1-888-311-9090


Office Hours:

September-Mid December: Tuesdays & Thursdays 10 am – 4:30 pm
Mid December-February: office closed (call or email to order tickets)
March-May: Tuesdays & Thursdays 10 am – 4:30 pm
June-August: Monday to Friday, 10 -4:30

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